Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taste Of Dallas

This past weekend was the Taste of Dallas, and Only Prettier's first show!!

We were so nervous. What if we forgot something? What if no one liked our things? What if we missed something up??

Being able to hide behind a computer screen or a boutique is easy smeasy compared to doing a show.

You are no longer introducing your product but who you are as well.

Thankfully, I forgot NOTHING. We had enough change.... and I don't think we missed anything up.

The show started Friday evening. Unfortunately, there was not much action for vendors.

Saturday, the show was much better... People really seemed to respond and look at our products. I didn't have a chance to walk around a lot... but from what I saw, we were very unique in our set up and our merchandise and I take pride in that. I am tired of everything looking the same and everyone wearing the same things.

Sunday made our weekend!! I was so excited.

When we, Lisa - Toe Ring Queen and I, showed up at the show on Sunday morning, one of the large vendors were breaking down their spot. I went over to inquire what was going on. They stated they were leaving. :(

At that point... my mind started thinking... I asked them if they would mind if we slipped into their spot?? Of course, they said no. So we did!!! That vendor had quite a large spot on a main aisle so I was stoked. Lisa, on the other hand, didn't want to move everything. So I reassured her I would and I did.

Within 10 mins of being in our new spot... she sold a few toe rings and I sold a few pretties!! AWESOME!!
We are now pumped up!! We learnt a lot during our first show and made a lot of connections. We cannot wait until our next show; Mansfield's Wurst Fest. So if you are local to DFW... come see us. Get some pretties and say hi <3

Lisa (left) and I right before it was time to pack up. We worked over 40 hours in 3 days.

 First booth on the first day. I liked how it looked. What do you think??
Outside view... I think this distracted people and prevented people from wanting to enter

Our AWESOME booth on Sunday!! Love how this looks. What do you think?

Since it was our first show... we are welcome all types of critique. Do you see something I could have improved on?? Do you like my burlap table cloth?? Help me be better for you <3