Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gotta Keep it {fresh}

When asked what it is like inside my head... I came up with this:

  • cluttery
  • glittery
  • shinny
  • messy
  • gypsy-like
  • 80's like
  • countryfied
  • ecelectic
HAHAHA!!! I am a nerd.
For those who have been following on facebook... you, I think, have learned my personality.

I am not all business... and while OP is my business... I am a craft engineer. I am a mom. I am a friend. I am goofball.

I want to think you ALLLLLLLL for your support and kind words.

Wanna see some new things we are introducing?? Good. 'Cause you didn't have much choice ;)

Ranger's Rally Necklace!!

Wildly Chic

Would love to hear some thoughts on these new pieces!! <3 <3

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